What you need to know about baby Eczema?

The crusty, red patch which appears on your baby’s soft skin, especially when they are in their first few months is known as Eczema. It’s the most common issue which you can see in babies and is curable. It’s always better to visit the doctor as they would be able to inform you whether the rash is irritated and itchy one or not. Usually it might develop anywhere over the body and the skin becomes rough and itchy in those areas. Generally, the joints of legs and arms or cheeks will be affected. 

Causes of Eczema:

It might be hereditary wherein the baby might get it when the parent has Eczema history. It actually occurs when your body makes very few ceramide cells. When there are not enough numbers of these cells our body will start losing water due to which it becomes very dry. 

It doesn’t last for a longer time and would disappear before the children start their schooling. But in some cases, it might be there even in their adulthood. Sometimes there might not be any symptoms but still you would have the dry skin. Though everyone is unique you can actually find certain things which could trigger eczema and try to avoid them.

Stress: When children with eczema feel stressed, it would lead to their skin irritation and itching. 

Dry skin: Babies with dry skin would feel more itching. Particularly when there is low humidity in the air during winters when your house is heated it would cause dry air. 

Heat and sweat: heat and sweat both would make the eczema worse by increasing itching in those areas. 

Irritants: certain things might trigger the symptoms of eczema like polyester or woollen clothes, body soaps, perfumes, laundry soaps etc. 

Allergens: by preventing the intake ofcow’s milk, eggs, peanuts and some other foods you might be able to control the symptoms of eczema. 

Treatment for Eczema: 

Moisturize: Always apply a good moisturizer which is free from any harmful chemicals and fragrances. You can also use petroleum jelly which would help the baby’s skin to retain its moisture.

Bath with lukewarm water: It will hydrate while cooling the skin. Never go for hot water bath as it would make the skin much dry.Clothing: always make your child wear loose and cotton clothes which would soothe their skin. 

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