The order which we have to follow while applying the skin care products

It’s always important to check the order in which you are actually applying the skin care products. According to the dermatologists when you apply the skin care products in an order it would ensure that your skin would receive maximum benefits out of it. Though there are several skin care products that are available in the market, only a small amount of it would penetrate in to our skin. When you are not able to apply them in the right way you wouldn’t get the best results. 

The daytime regimen which you need to follow every day:

You should take care of your skin every day to protect it from the sun, pollution or other elements in the air. At night you can go for the treatment products such as retinol or the peel pads. 

  1. First step – Cleanser: Wash your face gently in the morning with warm water. You can also use a gentle face cleanser suitable for your skin.
  2. Second step -Toner: Most people don’t use toner thinking that they would be harsh on your skin. Though they actually won’t be able to shrink your pores it would provide your skin with vitamin B, antioxidants and toning acids. Toners actually would maintain the pH balance of your skin. 
  3. Third step -Antioxidant serum: After a toner you should apply the antioxidant serum which would prevent any kind of damage to your skin.
  4. Fourth step – Eye cream: The best idea to apply the eye cream twice a day but if not, at least once at the night. It would make your eyelid skin smooth and maintains laxity. 
  5. Fifth step – Spot treatment: Creams or medications have to be applied only on the spots as it would make your skin dry. 
  6. Sixth step – Moisturizer: Next is the moisturizer which plays a very important role, especially if you have a dry skin. It’s an extra hydration provided to your skin which would protect your skin from harmful chemicals and environmental conditions. You should always apply your moisturizer on damp skin.

Seventh step – Sunscreen: the last step which you need to follow in this daily routine would be applying the sunscreen. It blocks the harmful UV rays from entering your skin. When you are applying the chemical sunscreen it should be applied before moisturizer as it has to get penetrated to work efficiently. Always use a physical sunscreen or can choose sunscreen with moisture in it.

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