Importance of Making Exercise a Daily Habit

Even though people understand the importance of exercise, the need to make it a daily routine till remains unknown. It is of prime concern that exercise should be inculcated in your daily routine. While you start with your selected exercises, include it in your daily routine as per your schedule. When you start exercising for 3 to 4 times a well a new exercise habit that needs to be created becomes difficult. This is because when an action is consistent it becomes a habit. Hence, when you exercise everyday without any stop, it develops into a habit. This is how the process becomes automatic and easy without any struggle. 

Try and include different exercises such as jogging, swimming, strength workout and running every alternate day. This ensures that you reach your goal of physical fitness faster and in a disciplined manner. You can also try to complete a 30-day challenge and by the end of this program you will develop a habit of exercising every day. To make the process more fun and result oriented, there are a few steps that have been shared below. These are practical suggestions that have been learnt alongside making exercise a daily habit. 

  • Fix a time for your exercise

To begin with, always set a time and decide whether you want to exercise in the morning or evening. Once this step is finalized always stick to the decided time on a daily basis. The time can vary only in cases of emergency unless required. Start by focusing because until you focus this is one habit that constantly gets procrastinated. 

  • Set a reminder

To feel more motivated, send yourself an email or text reminders prior to the time that you have fixed. Once the reminder is flashing on your screen, start right away with your workout. Remember to not delay the process because then habit formation will take more time then. 

  • One step at a time

Not literally, by one step at a time it is meant to start by taking small steps towards your goal. This is the best you can start with and this is to ascertain that you start with a good energy level. Initially if you put in lots of effort to increase the quantity, it leads to loss of motivation. Always start with basic exercises as your body will need time to get accustomed to a sudden change in the form of workout. 

  • Mix few physical activities for better results

Once you are used to daily exercising, mix few more physical activities as per your convenience to get maximum results. This will show more progress that you are working towards for when you gradually increase the time of your exercises. Consequently, when you start with your exercise, take a rest day but do not skip your exercises as this will create a break in the process.  The key to a better physical health needs consistency, so keep a steady schedule and maintain balance in your habit. Forming a habit takes time, dedication and practice, which is a skill and the biggest key is to have patience during the entire challenge.

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